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The xrow GmbH is an owner leaded company with the two executive directors Björen Dieding and Sören Meyer

Company xrow GmbH:

  • Foundation of xrow GbR on the 17th of January 2003
  • Foundation of xrow GmbH on the first of December 2007
  • Executive directors are Björn Dieding and Sören Meyer
  • xrow GmbH is a gold partner of eZ systems as
  • Employees: 7 (6 developer)
  • Roughly a half of the turn around is generated in foreign countries ( Europe, USA)

Core business / business segment:

Development and support of content management solutions for companies to dedicated to internet, intranet and extranet applications based on eZ Publish. Our focus is the provision of infrastructural and software services. Mid-size companies (50 and more employees) are typical clients from us. Most of these clients are supported by local media agencies ( 5 up to 100 employees).

Björn Dieding and Sören Meyer graduaded in the end of 2002 as computer scientist in e-commerce at the b.i.b. International College in Hannover.

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