Today everybody needs strong and reliable partners. Due to our longstanding work we could build up many valuable business contacts. Together with our partners we can reach higher targets and even you can benefit from them.

eZ Systems

eZ Systems is the producer of the biggest Open Source Content Management Software eZ Publish worldwide.

eZ is a profitable company with more than 500 paying customers from more than 100 different countries worldwide. They are represented with associates from more than 23 notionalities and have offices in Norway, Denmark, Germany, Japan, France, Belgium and North America. Their international Team supports partner and clients in all countries.

eZ Systems is the producer of eZ Publish, the award winning Open Source Enterprise Content Management System with more than 200.000 installations and registered users in more than 130 countries.

eZ Systems has been founded in 1999. The philosophy of openess and information exchange is still the base for the guidelines of the company, the employees and the ecosystem.

Verlag Franz

The Verlag Franz is owned by Kurt Franz and Georg Franz . Both try to combine the old medium "Print" and new medium "Internet".

The one has coined the austrian cultural scene for example with the cultural paper Sterz, the other one has collected an enormous knowledge about Internet and even written emails by the time most of the people even didn't know what a mobile phone is.

Together they design customized and unique services. And if there's something they shouldn't know, chosen partners of the areas Design, programming Print, Hosting, etc. will achieve it for them.


It is fun to do in what one is strong and it provides the best result. The results will even be better if in a project experts work for your solution across the disciplines. This is the thought: Expert teams for top tasks. We have a far net of free professionals and strategic cooperations besides a firm core team. So we can guarantee you outstanding performances in all our activity fields. gmbh is a mid-sized, owner-operated company.
They specialize in projects involving the Internet. They place special emphasis on the combination of technology and marketing. was founded in early 2000.

vision with technology

Their project experience has been built around providing solutions for a variety of clients ranging from government, blue chip, finance, telecoms and media to non-profit organisations.

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