Cloud Native Operator for eZ Platform

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    The eZ Platform Operator packages, deploys, manages, upgrades and scales eZ Platform Enterprise for providing management and storage to eZ Platform content management services as well as statefullness in Kubernetes based clusters.

    eZ Platform Operator delivers a massively scalable, software-defined, cloud native content management platform that offers information and object storage services for large enterprise websites and applications.

    Supported features

    • High Availability and resiliency - It has no single point of failures (SPOF) and all its components work natively in a highly available fashion

    • Data Protection - eZ Platform Operator periodically backups your data

    • Consistent platform across hybrid cloud - eZ Platform Operator can be deployed anywhere (on-premise or bare metal) and thus offers a similar experience regardless

    • Scale up/down - addition and removal of storage is fully covered by the operator.

    • Dashboard - The Operator deploys a dashboard for monitoring and introspecting your cluster.

    • Multi Cloud - The Operator deploys truly to any cloud such as AWS, Azure, IBM, Red Hat Openshift, Google, others or even our own cloud.