Translation Manager

for Trados Studio and Language Cloud

Key Features

  • Optimize the workflow between editorial teams and translation departments
    Accelerate the translation process and reduce costs

  • Increase the accuracy and quality of translations for localized markets

  • Integrate translation seamlessly into the enterprise-wide global, supply chain and strategy

  • Translate text and content in the local environments

  • Use translation memories and manage terminology dictionaries

The xrow Translation Manager for SDL Trados® enables enterprise grade translations  with SDL technology in eZ Publish® Enterprise Edition. SDL’s computer-assisted  translation software products are the de facto standard in enterprise-wide translation.

Optimize your globalization efforts with eZ Publish® Enterprise Edition and SDL Trados®. Translation  Manager for SDL Trados® allows enterprises to increase their global reach by facilitating translation and  localization efforts. Use the Translation Manager for SDL Trados® to streamline the workflow between your  editorial teams and your in-house translation department or external translation agencies. The software  ensures consistency and accuracy of translations across the company enabling localized markets to focus  vital resources on managing the message.

The tight integration of SDL Trados® with eZ Publish® Enterprise Edition further automates the translation  process, reduces time to market for translated projects and improves savings. Marketers can create high  quality, multi-lingual content faster at a lower cost. Return on investment for this solution occurs quickly -  after translating a couple hundred documents.


  • Store repetitive terms and sentences as they are translated and reuse them  within the CMS or across the whole company
    Identify and translate content that is updated regularly
    Translate projects simultaneously and efficiently without risking inconsistent terminology
    Work more efficiently with professional translators and company-wide translation memories
    Automate the translation process with centralized translation memory and terminologies and  reduce costs


The xrow Translation Manager for SDL Trados® extension has the following requirements:

  • Ibexa DXP 3.3 or higher
    Trados Studio 2021